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Titan Angels — Idea and Formation

We founded Titan Angels because as a group of California State University, Fullerton professors, alumni, and donors we have seen too many great ideas from members of the Cal State Fullerton community fail to get off the ground. But these failures weren’t due to a lack of skills or drive; we believe that the missing ingredient has been a lack of funding.

This is why we created Titan Angels.

We built our fund the same way we build our companies — simple, lean, and clearly focused. We don't charge management fees; there are no performance fees; and there are no general partner (GP) firms, side-cars, or outside syndicates. Everyone involved is an owner at the same level and experiences the rewards and losses equally. We are simply pooling our resources under a group that knows how to evaluate and develop good ideas. Belonging to our fund is more than just being an investor — it means being part of a community of shared beliefs.

We look for people that look beyond the numbers and for investors who love entrepreneurship. Our founding team have all been involved in start-ups and love the space. Our community of investors and advisors believe entrepreneurship is the heart of the American dream and is still the greatest chance that people have to improve their life. We enjoy running profitable companies and being successful; and we take great pride and pleasure in helping nurture entrepreneurs be successful.

Titan Angels Founding

Founded in 2016, the Titan Angels investing group is dedicated to furthering startup growth through early stage investments. Titan Angels is comprised of investors with startup or finance backgrounds in a variety of sectors. Titan Angels members are interested in identifying and investing in the most promising early stage ventures and are able to leverage the extensive CSUF network to provide value to our portfolio companies.

Pre-Angel Investments

  • Anticipated to be $10,000 to $50,000 per portfolio company.
  • Funding will be primarily to allow the portfolio company to establish its infrastructure (form entities, legal agreements, etc.).
  • Funding will be designed to help the founders cover hard costs while they put together a workable business plan.
  • Investments will occur in conjunction with some sort of mentorship program and are contingent upon completing the program.
  • Investments are intended to be primarily convertible debt, to be repaid back if the founders do not complete the program, and to be converted to equity if they do.

Angel Investments

  • Anticipated to be $25,000 to $100,000 per portfolio company.
  • The company is ready to launch and has a viable business plan.
  • The company may need prototypes, market research, initial development costs, etc.
  • The investment is anticipated to be a combination of debt and equity, but the form of investment may vary for each transaction.
Titan Angels | PO Box 3699 | Fullerton, CA 92834